Tracy Yang



    Yu Chen Yang, also known as Tracy Yang, is a composer, arranger, performer and photographer from Taiwan. She grew up in a family with wide medical profession background. She earned a degree in the field of Medical Imaging of Technology and later studied Cognitive Neuroscience in Taiwan. After finishing her medical studies, she started to work as a Radiographer in hospital. However, while attending medical school, music always occupied an important part of her life. Eventually growing her passion of music into another new career. 
    Tracy was first exposed to music at the age of five, learning classical piano and violin. Throughout elementary school, she was introduced to percussive instruments such as marimba, vibraphone and drum set. All this training enabled her to own strong musical skills at a young age. Even though she learned several instruments, piano always remained her main focus. As a child, she took part in many school bands and performance competitions. She had the opportunity to perform solo piano at the Kaohsiung Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center. 

     As years went by, her focus shifted from classical to jazz. This music gradually turned into a passion. Before coming to the United State, she had the opportunity to study jazz with many well known Taiwanese musicians such as UNO, Martijn Vanbuel, Toshi Fujii and Yu Wen Peng. She also performed in big bands, small jazz bands at various public events, such as NTCH Summer Jazz Festival in Taiwan. Based on her teachers’ recommendations, she decided to apply to Berklee College of Music.

    Tracy obtained her Diploma in Jazz composition from Berklee in the Fall 2015. During her time in Berklee, she has been greatly inspired by masters including Greg Hopkins, Hal Crook, Any Inserto, Bob Pilkington, Ed Saindon, and Simon Shaheen to name a few. She accumulated a diverse portfolio of writings for small groups and large ensembles. She has also started her own jazz quartet, which gave various well-received recitals and was featured on the Berklee Internet Radio Network (BIRN). In spring 2015, Tracy Yang received the Benny Golson Award from the Jazz Composition Department. Additionally, she was the recipient of Passim Iguana Music Fund grants in 2015.

   Upon graduation, Tracy moved to New York city in 2016, and lead her own quintet. She performed with the band with her own compositions in several venues such as Minton's Playhouse, Bar Lunatico, Vivaldi, Tomi Jazz... etc. While performing with her own band, she have also been teaching piano and violin in private music schools. In 2017, Tracy started her master in jazz composition at Queens College. There, She learned more about writing for orchestra, film scoring and some production technics. Tracy is currently participating in the BMI jazz composers workshop directed by Andy Farber and Ted Nash. This workshop enables her to earn a lot more experience on writing and leading a big band. In 2018 May, Tracy also participated in "Dance Accompaniment Training Program" at Mark Morris Dance Center. This opportunities for her, have gained much more live experiences on connecting different art forms with music.

  Tracy look forward to have more opportunities to use the music as a bridge to connect different types of media. Being also a professional photographer, Tracy's approach to music is deeply influenced by her relation to picture. She aims to convey a colorful image and story line throughout her composition and treats her music as painting.