Tracy Yang


My Music

Where to Next ?   (2015.07.25 Live at BIRN) 

Prelude : Memory in Duke + Emualliug  (2015.07.07 Recital at 1A) 

Calypso (Composed by Kenny Barron) - 3 Horns Arrangment   (2014.10.31 Performed at 1A)

Radiograpgy  (Music Video)

A Step to My Dream  
(Played by : Berklee Concert Jazz Orchestra , 2015 Fall Concert)

Shiny  (2015.12.18 at Red Room)
(Tracy Uang Jazz Orchestra : In Return)

272 Newbury Street  - 6 Horns Compostion and Arranging   (Jazz Comp Workshop Rehearsal Recording) 

Who is there ?  (Master Monk)  (2015.07.07 Recital Recording)

Dukisfhm - Big Band Writing and Arranging (Berklee Concert Jazz Orchestra Rehearsal Recording)

The Way To Home - 10 mins Extended Piece